The World Next Door

I went to summer camp once as a kid.  If memory serves me, the amenities at that place included a silty pond in which to drown and rusty farm implements upon which to be impaled.  It wasn't my thing and I never went back.

Camp Kivu is in another universe from that old Camp Silty Rust.  Waverunners, kayaking, rock climbing, zip lines, mountain biking -  and on and on and on.

Camp Kivu is, ladies and gentlemen, the coolest summer camp on the planet.  At least that's what my 16 year old son told me on the way to school today.  He's really missing the friends, the fun and the spirit of Camp Kivu.

But Camp Kivu isn't just the coolest summer camp - it's even more.  We connect teenagers to global causes with spring break missions trips.  Click here to find out how you can join our March 2010 trip to the Philippines.  The excitement's building and my kids can't wait to go.

With global issues in mind - I visited a very cool ministry that is making a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of young girls rescued from the disgusting evil of human trafficking.  They're doing this amazing work in Cambodia.

Funny thing is, they're based right down the street from us in Joplin, MO.  Check out to see what Rapha House is doing to stop the horror of human trafficking and bring new life to those precious girls that God made in his image.

Rapha House - yeah baby!

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