So Many Opportunities, So Little Time

I spent the last few days networking with business people that share the common goal of eliminating poverty (in all its forms) and the downstream effects of poverty in the most difficult corners of our world.

Challenged, inspired, encouraged, bewildered - I had all these feelings at one time or another this week.

I could talk for hours about what I saw, heard and felt just talking with these people about what we can do to make real changes in the world.

I come from the business world myself - and my head was spinning with all the possibilities.  But I'll just relate one thought that came to me so strongly during the second day of our meetings.

My worldview tells me that Messiah Jesus is the king of the whole world, and that only he will one day fix the related problems of hunger, war, disease and poverty in the world.  He will bring Liberty with a capital "L".

But until then, we are to be his advance force, operating as much as we can to bring renewal and restoration to the world.  We'll never cure the problem - no matter how hard we try - but we must be about Messiah's business until he comes and completes the project - and seals the deal.

As a college student, it seemed to me almost impossible to actually get out on the mission field.  At that time, you needed a master's degree, you needed to speak at least 25 languages (OK, that's an exaggeration!) and most of all, you needed to impress the "mission board" of whatever church denomination you were so blessed (!?!) to be a member of.

All that has changed.

It's my observation that Jesus-following business men and women with a desire to see real and lasting change are far more likely to bring change than people without business skills.

Business people can marshal vast resources to seed business development and entrepreneurial activity - even in the most difficult places on the planet. 

I believe business is the best tool to increase the standard of living in an area, which results in liberty for those in the grip of poverty.

It encourages hard work instead of a dependence on welfare in the local populations.  It brings the inevitable sense of self-worth as goals are achieved and dreams are realized.

And for those of us that ultimately want to share the Christian worldview - we should be all about increasing the standard of living in the areas we minister in.  Why, you ask?  Because an increase in the standard of living creates MARGIN in the lives of the local people.  Margin of both time and energy for them to consider and to live the awesome and subversive message of Jesus.

Maybe you're a student just learning the ropes.  Maybe you're an uber-successful businessman.  Either way, why don't you consider using your business skills to change the world.  Let's talk about this here, or shoot me an email at

I'd love to help you get connected.

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Dustin said...

Yes Mike,
I always enjoy hearing about new possibilities for growing God's kingdom in real and meaningful ways. What are some ways for college students to get started in this?