Giving Thanks

A good friend of mine often says that "we stand on the shoulders of giants". A truer statement has never been made - I owe so much to so many.

I'm eternally thankful to:
* my parents for bringing me onto the planet, for sticking it out, for providing, and for believing that I could do whatever I put my mind to.

* my grade school teachers for planting in me the seeds of self-worth that grew into the confidence to move forward.

* Rich Melton for fanning my desire to learn by challenging me with concepts totally off-the-chart for a 6th-grader.

* Bob Schleinat for allowing me to explore the limits of my musical ability, for pushing me beyond what I thought I could ever do, and for my 15 minutes of fame on that gig at the old St. Louis Arena.

* Ron Tucker for keeping me spellbound as a young man with fresh takes on that old, old story.

* Jeff Perry for showing me that Christianity was mainly about completing my part of the Great Project and for providing opportunities and motivation to change the world.

* Larry Hunt for being patient with me during that mess in '87-'88, for pointing the way towards an unconventional, liberating approach and for introducing me to some of the great thinkers that have shaped my worldview.

* Don Erhardt for putting up with my immaturity while providing opportunities for professional advancement that I didn't deserve, and for introducing me to the way business actually works.

* Dennis Graham for respecting me, for valuing my opinions and applauding my work, and for giving me so many opportunities to be and to do bigger things than I ever dreamed I could.

* Dr. Tom Trone (truly a Jedi Master) for teaching and modeling the consultative approach that has become the way I "do my thing".

* Mark Burgess for his brilliance, for his humility and for being a great business partner all those years.

* all those clients that put their trust in me and my team to bring them to new and better places.

* all the friends and students over the years that have at times trusted me, challenged me, taught me, learned from me, led me and followed me.

* my brother and sisters for their encouragement, for their support and frankly, for just being there.

* my sons for their simple trust in me and in God, for their inner strength, for their hunger for adventure and for their companionship.

Father, it is in you that we live and have our hope. Thank you for creating me, for working through all those people to make me what I am in both strengths and weaknesses, and for the world of possibilities that lay before me.

Thank you, Father, for weaving the great story that will result in the renewing of all things, for the resurrection and the kingdom to come that will at last set the world straight.

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