The Spell of the Typical

One of my favorite songs is Typical by Mute Math.

Some folks close to me have wondered why a mild-mannered midwestern guy like me would pursue things that aren't Typical for people with my background.

Stuff like mountaineering - like climbing rock and ice - like skiing not just downhill, but uphill as well - like shooting things at unimaginable distances - like doing all this in the truly wild places of our land, and like a bunch of other odd things I pursue.   Mind you, I'm not saying I'm a pro at all of this.  But I continue to practice, practice, practice.

The question is, "Why?".

Well, I've studied a few people that have made a big difference in the world.  Each of them have had the capacity to critically evaluate themselves and their surroundings.  They seem to be keenly aware of what they likely can do, and what they likely cannot do.

And when they're not sure - more often than not they decide in favor of the more adventurous route.

They can take risks.  They choose adventure over safety-at-any-cost.   They're not afraid.

This puts them in a class almost by themselves and they become our heroes.  When we see their exploits, we ask ourselves, "How can they do stuff like that?" or "Why didn't I think of that?".

So over the last several years I've been in training.  In business, in ministry and in life - I've been training myself to be more like these "difference-makers" and less like my old self.  It's a conscious effort to learn to make better decisions, to take appropriate risks and to live free from fear.

Some days and some decisions are better than others - but I'm gonna keep at it.  Not because I want to be cool (I quit worrying about that a long time ago).  Not because I want to climb better and faster than anyone else (I'm too old for that).  Not because I want to satisfy some extreme urge to dance on the edge and defy death (that's just silly).

I just want to live free - free from the limitations of my own preconceptions and free from the limitations others might enjoy placing on me.  And most of all I want to complete that part of the Great Project that I've been uniquely created for.
"Come on, can’t I dream for one day
There’s nothing that can’t be done
But how long should it take somebody
Before they can be someone?

‘Cause I know there’s got to be another level
Somewhere closer to the other side
And I’m feeling like it’s now or never
Can I break the spell of the typical?"

So this new year - why not consider joining me on this road?  You've got a significant chunk to complete of that same Great Project.  You've got a unique set of gifts and passions.  The Kingdom just won't be the same if you don't do and become what God has made you to do and to be.

Whaddya say?


Anonymous said...

You're in good company. I love MuteMath too. Seen them in concert 2x...amazing! We play them at camp a lot.

Mike Aleckson said...

Yep, what a band! I'm glad to know camp is turned onto them...