What's on your mind?

We wrapped up our discussion of faith and works tonight during our regular weekly get-together. Well, we've been saying that we're finished every Tuesday night for awhile now - but we seem to keep discussing one facet or another of this very practical topic.

But we really are going to move on! And that's why I wanted to ask, "What's on your mind?". What would you like to discuss, here on the blog and/or during our weekly chats?

We can talk theology or any other topic - leadership issues, continuous improvement, current events, changing the world - whatever - I'd love to discuss what's on your mind in the context of the Judeo-Christian worldview.

So whaddya say?


Anonymous said...

Tonight in my college group were talking about Hinduism.

The subject that keeps getting brought up is, "well Lowell are they going to go to hell?" That was brought up last week when we talked about Mormonism. The following saturday it was brought up at a different bible study. It was the same question, (see above). Getting a handle on what beliefs and what not are allowed and aren't allowed. Or if certian beliefs are negated by other beleifs. Or does the hearts intentions and ones actions determine citizenship in the kingdom?

I always say I'm not the one who judges. So later, probably next week the question will be, "what criterea is needed to enter the kingdom?"

You guys probably already got this handled over there. Anyways shout at you guys later.

Oh and while writing this, its 84 degrees and plenty of sunshine. Thought I'd mention the wonderful constant weather we've been having in sunny california.

Mike Aleckson said...

Roger that Lowell. Here's a post I wrote on a conversation with a Hindu friend. Check the comments at the end for some insight into evaluating Hinduism against Christianity.


The criteria, of course, is covenant-keeping. So the question becomes, "How must I keep my end of the covenant agreement with God?"

The answer to this question is fascinating (we've been covering it for more than a month now).

If you're interested, I can point you to a number of posts here on that topic.

And I'll add Comparative Religions to the list of possible future topics.

And great job leading your group - as you know, I'm committed to ministry in small groups - so I'm thrilled to see you doing well with one!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mike for that link that helps a lot. I'm now starting to remember some of our conversations on the topic.

And yes any other links will be of great value to me. I could use all the information I can get.

Hell is a hot topic (pun intended) with a lot of people. I've been noticing a theme with people. A certain pattern that I've been picking up on. When suffering is involved people think it automatically doesn't belong with life, religion, and God. Of course Hell is suffering and Life is suffering. Atheist bring up the subject suffering and use it as a variable in their anti-god equation. Hindu's use suffering to show that this life is an illusion.

The handling of suffering I believe is another thing that separates Christianity from other religions. I think maybe this will be another weighty subject I'll add to my list to be discussed at my college group.


Dustin said...

Perhaps we can talk about the best ways to invest our time and money to have the most substantial impact on the Kingdom.

Unknown said...

Suffering has been weighing heavy on me too, in regards to how people use suffering as a variable in their anti-god equation.

Many christians I know including myself have a hard time dealing with suffering in regards to God. I know the scriptures are there.

I haven't completely studied it out but I'm sure they way a Christian should approach suffering is unique compared to other world views.

Unknown said...

oops I didn't mean to send two comments since I thought the first one didn't send. My bad, didn't mean to be a comment hog

Fighting for Narnia said...

I'm having to deal with all sorts of people at work. The majority of my co-workers come from similar backgrounds. Many different customers come through though. I could utilize some help not for these peoples, but rather for forgiving religious people. I would love to talk about what I feel God is doing and what he wants me to do at McD's. I didn't think about this at first, but many of the problems at work consist around forgiving religious people. Honestly. Thanks.

Mike Aleckson said...

Hi guys,

These are all EXCELLENT subjects for study and discussion.

I'll bring them to our meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) night, and we can talk about how and when we'll approach each of them.

If anyone else has a request, please feel free to respond as well.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Here are a bunch of ideas. I have been hearing on Myspace.

"You can't understand the word of God until you know who his people are do you agree or disagree????

"because God is omniscient does that take away our freewill??"

Anonymous said...

Is Ezekial 37 and 38 talking about Armagedon?