I'm Proud of Lowell

Lowell has made a significant decision - he's taken steps to bias his life toward adventure and away from security. And I'm thrilled to see it.

But I'm not going to spill the beans. If you want to, Lowell, go ahead and tell your story here. If not, we understand! But in any case, just know that I'll help you however I can to make good on your decision.

Men a lot smarter than I have taught me that bending my life towards adventure (whether in vocation, worship, family life or recreation) is a key component of personal growth and a huge part of true leadership.

We've gotta develop an awareness of our boundaries, and then seek to intelligently expand them. Otherwise, we and the organizations we are a part of will remain stuck.

So I salute you, Lowell. Bravo!


Unknown said...

Thanks Mike that means a lot, especially coming from you.

A life geared toward adventure will certainly be a challenge. Choosing to be a cage fighter wasn't an easy thing to do. Lots and lots of training. But when your coach is a former welter weight champion plus a former soldier for the Isreali special forces, I feel like I can be a serious contender. . .

I kid I kid!

No I'm going to the Czech Repulic in July to be an English teacher. I'll be going through a secular outfit who has no ties with the church. I'll be paid reguraly, allowing me to be self sufficient. My long term goal is to build some good relationships and do some kingdom building. And of course meet gorgeous foriegn women, I'm not fooling anyone!

Mike Aleckson said...

Too bad on the cage fighting, Lowell. I would pay to see it. :)

Keep us up to date with your progress!