Doing Good - But How?

We've been talking about the rationale for doing good works in our weekly studies. It's been eye opening for sure.

We know now that what we do is inextricably woven with what we believe. There is no sensible way to justify living any other way. We've talked about how the Spirit was sent to live in us so that we can fulfill the righteous requirement of the law (Romans 8).

Doing good, then, is not optional if membership in the Kingdom is important to you.

All right - you say - but where to start? Well, it depends on whether we want to invest our time, our talent or our treasure to extend the Kingdom.

If it's treasure - one place we give to is These guys take a minimum $5 donation per month and distribute the cash equally among ten relief organizations that are dealing with the nastiest problems our fallen world has to offer. Check 'em out and let me know what you think.

And then let's discuss a bunch more options at our next Tuesday meeting. OK?


Anonymous said...

Work you say?

This is a good website that puts your money, that you worked for. And puts it in the hands of those who are trying to do work as well.

heres a link to a video that shows exactly what it does.

Being an entrepreneur yourself I think you'd enjoy this.

Mike Aleckson said...

Thanks Lowell. We'll check this out.

Wish you were joining us tonight - it'd be an even better conversation with you here!