Back To The Grind

Well, I put off writing my first post of 2009 - maybe because I knew it meant that the holidays were over and that it was back to the grind.

The holidays were wonderful. The boys are just delightful. They both took up guitar (more seriously) over the break due to some strategic Christmas gifts and their progress is truly amazing.

We skied Loveland for 5 days. We're addicted to skiing - the whole scene is invigorating. I'd been concerned that the recovering heel would be a problem. But no worries - it did its job just fine. All the skiing (no jumps included, though!), a skin trip up to the peak and then the regular evening swims in the heated pool with Dylan. Ahhh - everything was great.

And there's no room for despair since we've got some cool climbing trips planned (on rock for a few upcoming weekends and then ice climbing in March - yes!).

But for now it's back to work, back to school and most importantly, back to our part of the master's great project to make disciples of all the nations.

I hope your holidays were as relaxing as ours. And my hope for this year is that you and I will more fully realize the gifts and callings that God has put in us - to live in fresh anticipation of his kingdom to come.


Dustin said...

The holidays were great!! I got to not go to class, to catch up on home work and to visit family. To bad that school as has to come back so soon. I was starting to enjoy not having the pressures of both school and a full time job, but o'well. We all have to do what we dont want to, so that in the end we will have a much better outcome.
That is kind of like what we do in our efforts to anticipate the Kingdom of the Messiah. We invest our lives now to reap a better world in the end. I just got to keep telling myself that it will get better and in the end the Messiah will make it all better.

Mike Aleckson said...

You've got it, Dustin! Life is indeed full of things that we'd rather not have to deal with.

But then, the good news is that sprinkled in amongst all the hard work are moments of pure joy - moments where we can see and feel the Kingdom breaking into our world.

So let's keep looking forward to the Kingdom, anticipating it in every way we can. One way to do that is to take pleasure in the glimpses we're given of it in the here and now!