The Big Picture at Kanakuk's Link Year

It was my pleasure to spend the last three days at Kanakuk's Link Year program.  As I love to do - we started in Genesis and ended in Revelation.  We talked Covenant and Kingdom.  We envisioned the convergence of Heaven and Earth.

And most importantly, we found with our brains and felt with our hearts some invigorating ways to move our lives forward - ways in which those students will build (in bits and pieces) the Kingdom that Messiah will complete when he returns.

The students were both sharp and respectful.  The conversations were crisp and the re-connections with my old friends were just plain fun.

Many thanks to the students, to "the Adams" Martin and Donyes, and to the rest of the quality leadership team at the Kanakuk Link Year for their warm hospitality and for their kind reception of my take on the greatest meta-story ever told.

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