The Love of Beauty

In Tom Wright's magnificent little book Simply Christian, he reasons that our attachment to beauty is an echo of God's voice.  You could say that it's a pointer to Yahweh's original creation song.

This afternoon I had a few moments to gaze at Beauty herself, to hear the faint echoes of our Creator's voice reverberating in the high desert through which I ran.  

For me, the joy of running itself is a beautiful expression of the freedom that comes from truly believing in, hoping for and working toward the fullness of his coming Kingdom.

And then tonight I sat with my favorite coffee watching the sun settle over Colorado's most famous of mountain peaks - the longing in my soul slowly percolating to once again travel deep into the heart of those sometimes terrifying, always invigorating slabs of stone on yet one more adventure.

For me, it all points to a great Day yet to come, when perhaps, if it were possible, the air may be even a bit crisper - when perhaps, if it were possible, the colors may be even a bit brighter.  And when, for sure, the nagging fear that it must all come to an End - will be no more.
Father, thank you for beautiful moments like these - moments that echo your very own voice that fills and stills our souls.  

Thank you for Creation, for her pointers to New Creation and for the promise of the Resurrection where we will forever live with you.

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