Easter: Resurrection and New Creation

I know, I know - Easter's a pagan fertility cult holiday that's been hijacked by the Church.  Well never fear - I'm no pagan, I don't have ties to a fertility cult and there's not a bunny in the house!  :)

I wrote this little bit last year, and the last 12 months have, if nothing else, served to heighten these hopes and deepen these dreams in my soul.

When I was 5, Easter meant shiny dress shoes muddied on strange little egg hunts. Sure, I vaguely understood that something cool happened thousands of years ago in a tomb in Israel - but loads of candy ultimately took my attention away from any pondering on that subject.

When I was 25, of course Easter meant more. It meant the sins I'd committed were really forgiven. That empty tomb was a great source of relief.  After all, the weight of my transgressions was no longer mine to bear.

But now, Easter means everything to me. It fills my thoughts for today and my hopes for the future. And not just for me and for my sins and for my agendas - but for the whole wide world. Easter validates all those dreams of the prophets and all those hopes of the common folk.

Because Easter says that this world and all of us that live in it are not throwaways, that we're not destined for the trash pile. Because Easter says that death and all its related horrors will one day be removed from our list of concerns. Because Easter says that everything will one day be made new.

And that means a tidal wave of possibilities has flooded into this world and replaced that nagging, incessant fear of loss that plagues everyone from beggars to board members, from prostitutes to presidents.

New Creation - some now and some not yet - for all who have eyes to see it. Yeah baby!
Father, we join in that great song of thanks to you sung by millions today across the planet. 

Thank you for your resurrection power that even now through your people plants the seeds of what is to come. 

Thank you for the day when Messiah will return to make everything new, when those with eyes to see will experience the fullness of New Creation.


Sheryl said...

Michael, good to see your pic, I miss ya!!!!

Mike Aleckson said...

Thanks Sheryl - we'll see you soon!