Adventures in Space and Time

Some of the most exciting adventures I've experienced have been adventures in Space.  What I mean is that these experiences have been particularly adventuresome because of the location in which they took place.

Long backpacking trips in the big mountains, fishing in the deep blue sea, exploring the remains of ancient civilizations in the desert, packing loads of photography gear into glorious parts of Creation where it's impossible to take a bad picture - these are the adventures most of us remember for a lifetime.  

For me, even just the thought of such a trip is huge motivation to orient my decisions and long-term plans towards it.  I absolutely LOVE high adventure.

But for most of us the demands of everyday life make adventures in Space far too rare.  So what are we adventure addicts to do?

Thankfully I see another dimension in which adventure can thrive.  The energy's not as high.  Prep time is far lower.  And the trip report isn't likely to make headlines.  But on the plus side - we can get our adventure fix quickly, cheaply and regularly.  I'm talking about adventures in Time.

For instance, I have walked, jogged and hiked with heavy packs through this spot a hundred times.  It's a two-minute drive from my front door.   

But the recent snowstorm changed this place.  Blasting winds creating below-zero chills, eye-stinging snow and deep drifts turned our everyday trail into into an adventure in Time.  

It's been great fun experiencing our humble stomping grounds suddenly turned into polar tundra.  You simply haven't lived until you've braved the above conditions just to get your regular exercise!

I admit, such a way of life does require a certain perspective.  Jesus and the prophets spoke of such a perspective as having eyes that could actually see.  In the context of his Kingdom announcement, that meant eyes that could see him as Messiah - eyes that could perceive the Kingdom he's bringing. 

The prospect of adventure keeps me focused on that bright and hopeful future - and that's the healthiest way I've found to live.  For me, life is a collection of little adventures in Time punctuated by big adventures in Space.

And of course it's all in preparation for the epic Adventure of Adventures awaiting those of us that are ready and looking for it. 

So my encouragement to you today is to develop eyes to see even the little, everyday adventures of life as part of a much bigger story - one that will (if you seek it!) provide endless possibilities exploring a Space made new - where Time will limit us no more. 

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