The New Year: I Resolve...

Let's see.  What shall I do better-faster-stronger-smarter in 2011?

I resolve to:

- continue reading good books.  I'm going back through the classics this year, and so far I'm halfway through Plato's Republic.

- work out harder.  We've found some more convenient ways to get good outdoor cardio workouts.  Breathe, Mike - just breathe.

- invest more wisely in people.  I've sown a whole bunch of time, talent and treasure into a whole bunch of folks, some of which have proved to deserve it less than others.  This year I'll invest more carefully.

- remember how to enjoy video games.  I know, this sounds counterproductive, but I was the video game king back in the day.  My 10 year old is begging me to join him on the Wii - and I love him like crazy - so here goes!

OK, enough about me.  What's on your list?


Tyler said...

- generally eat better :)

Mike Aleckson said...

By "better" I assume you mean "more Thai"!

Sheryl said...

I love the video games with that cute 10 yr old!! How fun, enjoy! You have a lovely family-we miss you guys here!