Thank God for Good Teachers

I spent this afternoon with a Bible teacher - a good one.

John's been guiding teenagers through the scriptures for 13 years in an excellent Christian school. And I'd wager that he's made a real difference in many hundreds of young lives.

Of course I love to learn and I love to teach. There's nothing I'd rather do than synthesize things I've learned by research or through experience, and then teach them to anyone with ears to hear.

So it's extremely encouraging for me to connect with intelligent people of faith like John that are sober-minded and willing to take up the challenge to use their gifts to build up others.

It was my privilege to help him with curriculum development and some other cool things related to teaching the Christian worldview.

You know, it's not the media, or the culture, or flippant fly-by-night "pop Christianity" pushers that will positively impact your teenagers for time and eternity. Nope, it's gonna be folks like John that care enough to truly learn, that care enough to truly teach and that care enough to mentor your kids through their teenage years and beyond.

So let's thank God for the truly good teachers he's put in our lives, let's do our best to support them and let's make sure to thank them every now and then for their faithfulness to God's call on their lives.

Father, thank you for the men and women you've uniquely gifted to pursue, to understand and to teach. Please grant them strength to continue and encourage them and their students with a fresh picture of that glorious future promised in your great Kingdom story.

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