Join Camp Kivu for The Expedition

I'm so stoked about the changes we're making to The Expedition.

You know, we've run The Expedition out here for the last several years. Backpacking and rock climbing for 7 days in some of the most rugged and beautiful real estate known to mankind.

But in the past, if you wanted to explore the mountains with us on The Expedition - you always had to attend the 2-week camp experience first, and then schedule an additional week to go on The Expedition.

Of course our 2-week camp experience is AWESOME. It's everything you expect from a top-quality camping experience and way more!

But requiring a three week commitment was, for many, a hardship of both time and finances.

The great news is - WE'RE CHANGING ALL THAT FOR 2010!

Now, you can come out just for a week of The Expedition. If you want to spend a week learning rock climbing or backpacking skills along with strong Christian worldview teaching - you can sign up just for that.

You wanna do two weeks? No problem - sign up for two! And it's all very reasonably priced.

So consider joining us in 2010 for The Expedition. You can register at the Parents section of

Don't miss it - The Expedition for 2010 is going to be excellent!

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