New Friends and New Ways

I made a new friend the other day - a student in The Institute. He's one of several that admitted they had serious questions about their worldviews. He'd been exposed to several possible explanations for humanity's past, present and future (including a few of the more popular ones). But he hadn't made up his mind yet.

I'm impressed by his honesty and by his willingness to explore and ask the hard questions. I spoke to him briefly today, and he mentioned in passing that "he'd changed" over the last few days.

I haven't got all the details yet - but I think he's getting some clarity. I think he's seeing the big picture. I think he's charting a new course for his life. Excellent.

Father, thank you for bringing new light and fresh perspectives to those who are seeking and open to your bright future. May your kingdom come and your will be done.

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