Proud of My Friends

I have some of the coolest friends in the world. Check out "My Fellow Workers" over on the sidebar.

These are a few of the great people I have been privileged to pour a bit of myself into over the last few years in one way or another. These folks in particular have chosen to step into the world of blogging as a means of honing their reasoning and their writing skills.

Do they have it all straight? Or for that matter, do I?

That's a "nope" on both counts!

But I salute them - because they're bold, they're givin' it a go and they're on the way towards making a dent in the world and in the Great Project that our Master has given us.

I'm both humbled and grateful to be called their friend.

Father, thank you for the wonderful people you have allowed me to know, and to be known by. Help me to be a help to them as together we step into the uncertain and the ambiguous.

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