My Kind of Kid

I was sitting on a mountainside at about 11,500 feet in Colorado late one afternoon, and this little kid and his mom showed up.

I find wildlife fascinating for all sorts of reasons, but this time, it was the grace and agility with which this mountain goat family ran up and down the mountain slopes.

I'm talking serious boulder chutes and tough 4th class terrain that I tend to poke through like a sloth. His momma just bolted down out of nowhere with him in tow, leaping and lunging, defying gravity like furry John Woo characters.

That blurry background is about 800 feet below the little fella, but he hopped right up on that stone, stuck like Spidey and took a peek over the edge.

I was impressed by these two. The momma teaching her son to survive in the mountain environment, to be constantly aware of his surroundings, to know his limitations and yet boldly approach the challenges that appear in his path. The kid, humbly learning and then testing his skills. Awesome.

Father, help me to be both child and parent - learning and modeling a wise and bold approach to the future.

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Dustin said...

That is impressive. The mountains are not very forgiving. It is extremely interesting that the mother, who knew that, still believed that it was worth the risk. She very could have easily tried to hide him in a cave and never let him go outside on his own; but I guess she knew for him to develop he had to take the risks.