My Happy Place

I had originally planned to backpack through Yellowstone's backcountry on my first Rocky Mountain trip. This book cured me of that silly notion.

I recently returned to Mark of the Grizzly because, I think, it reminds me of the wild places and the hope that there is still something left untamed in this world - that adventure can still be found somewhere. That's my happy place.

Scott McMillion dissects 18 grizzly/human fights that are quite...grisly.

I use these stories to remind myself of just how serious a run-in with one of these bad boys (or girls) can be.

I know, I know. Thousands and thousands of people hang out in the grizzly country of Montana, Wyoming and Alaska every year without getting chewed on. The statistics are on our side.

But still...


Unknown said...

I was once tempted to backpack into grizzly country, long ago. I did it--in Hayden Valley in Yellowstone.

It's funny how grizzlies and dangerous mountains can be so compelling.

Pat Lanaghan

Mike Aleckson said...

Hi Pat,

Yes, grizz and mountains together are quite compelling. But I'd really rather encounter grizz from my car. That much energy in one place - wow!