120 Times An Hour

Let's take another break from our regularly-scheduled programming of beautiful Colorado vistas… 

I'm thinking a lot about the industry running rampant in our fair land - abusing women, killing their babies and selling the body parts.

Planned Parenthood charges, oh, $600 to kill baby Elizabeth during the first trimester, $2000 during the second trimester or between $5K and $10K during the third.

Then they turn around and sell her dismembered body parts for, oh, $890 (limbs with hands and feet attached) and $3400 for her brain.

60,000,000 abortions in the US since 1973, about 50,000,000 currently every year worldwide and about 120 of these murders per hour in New York.

One way of looking at this sick industry is that if we laid end-to-end all the 1.53 billion babies murdered worldwide since 1980 - that horrific train of destruction would wrap around the earth's equator 70 times.

My friends say "abortion stops one beating heart and breaks another" - about 60 times on our planet since you began reading this post.

"Father, please forgive me for so long neglecting to pursue an understanding of this horror. Forgive us for becoming insensitive to the infanticide around us. And by the unlimited power only you possess, please stop this monstrosity in our land and in our world. In Jesus' name, amen!"

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