He's Always Good

Lisa's really good at making group conversations lively and fun.

She's perfected the art of leading questions - questions that draw out interesting perspectives and otherwise hidden aspects of the personalities in the room.  And so the other day during a quiet pause in the conversation, Lisa asked our brothers and sisters in the faith, "so, what's the Lord been showing you lately?".

Jim related that the Father's been calling him to let go of the reins, so to speak, of a difficult situation in his business - and to trust him.

Our other Jim (we have two in the family, both super-interesting and colorful in their own right) - his answer was in the same vein, something like:  "God is so good.  His grace never gives up.  He just loves us - with a never-ending always-faithful deep-and-wide love.  The more I focus on that, the more I'm drawn to him...".

And Gina's answer was like unto it (!) - "God has been calling me to trust him more and more.  And it's not easy, especially on the days when it feels like you're surrounded by darkness.  But he's always good and I'm finding that more and more - I trust him."

Well, the Spirit has been drawing me inescapably and dramatically to this as well.  For most of my adult life I've struggled with vague nagging doubts and just-barely-conscious thoughts that God was a bit irritated with me and that his intentions for me were, at least at times, not always good.  

But in the last several months, I'm being led to believe what our friends too are being led to believe, that God is always good.

He's always good...  Always good...  Always...  Good...  

Since I can't begin to say it like Andrew Peterson can sing it - I'll quit and let him take it from here.  I encourage you to set aside a few moments, find a quiet place - and play this song over and over and over.  And over - until you find that you're believing it.

And then play it again.

"Father, please give me eyes to see that you're always good.  
Will you help me to trust your intentions for me are still good?  
'Cause you're always good..."

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